After a time with Windows Phone

by ozanguis

In recent months I have been using a Windows Phone after spending several months using Android and before that a year in IOS. To be frank each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages but the only Windows Phone has both marked. Among the advantages we can find the hardware, in this branch carrying the Windows Phone mobile operating system have excellent hardware for different ranges. An example of this is the Nokia Lumia line. On the other hand we have the fluidity, the operating system itself is fluid, is very focused on whatever you want to do quickly without many steps, besides that the living do not need titles directly into the application to display the information you want to see.

Highlighting the positive aspects of WP, on to the midpoint and perhaps the most controversial aspect, I mean the app store. It already has more than 100,000 applications and many of its applications are good but may not be enough to convince the general public. This can be seen from two perspectives, a serious developer who does not see a big market in Windows Phone and therefore not very cost option feasible to develop your applications instead of as serious for iOS or Android. For this to change the user is required prefer phones with Windows Phone, but buy a phone with a huge number of applications, with new applications every day and considering that most used applications are primarily or solely on these platform is something that users notice before buying a phone. This will leave hardware features aside.

But there are indications that this loop is breaking into small steps. On the one hand we have no more Windows Phone users of Blackberry, this has seen sales in recent fiscal quarters and the side of the developers have to say every day but Windows Phone developers as their next platform (See this Venture article)

Time will tell if Windows Phone managed to break the match with iOS and Android for the supremacy in the mobile equipment industry.

Oz Anguis