Layer 8

by ozanguis

Everybody with a minimum knowledge of the OSI model knows what we mean when somebody says “That’s a layer 8 problem” but if you don’t understand I will explain to you. The OSI model is the standard in communication systems, it works separating the system in 7 layers, and each layer has a determined function.

Ok, but the OSI model only has 7 layers then, what is the layer 8? Well layer 8 is the user. The user is the person who uses the application, (layer 7), and is who generate the 85% of the work of a technical support. And hopefully most of the layer 8 problems can be solved restarting the PC or in fact connecting the PC. What about of the other 15%? That 15% are generated of acknowledge or the inexperience using x application. When you have a department of users with the basic knowledge of using a PC and the application you have a more efficient department and can concentrate in other things of your work or make time for another activity.

Remember something, the layers 8 can destroy your patience but your boss pay you for that.

Oz Anguis