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Silence is the …

Silence is the first stone of the temple of wisdom. Pitagoras


After a time with Windows Phone

In recent months I have been using a Windows Phone after spending several months using Android and before that a year in IOS. To be frank each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages but the only Windows Phone has both marked. Among the advantages we can find the hardware, in this branch carrying the Windows Phone mobile operating system have excellent hardware for different ranges. An example of this is the Nokia Lumia line. On the other hand we have the fluidity, the operating system itself is fluid, is very focused on whatever you want to do quickly without many steps, besides that the living do not need titles directly into the application to display the information you want to see.

Highlighting the positive aspects of WP, on to the midpoint and perhaps the most controversial aspect, I mean the app store. It already has more than 100,000 applications and many of its applications are good but may not be enough to convince the general public. This can be seen from two perspectives, a serious developer who does not see a big market in Windows Phone and therefore not very cost option feasible to develop your applications instead of as serious for iOS or Android. For this to change the user is required prefer phones with Windows Phone, but buy a phone with a huge number of applications, with new applications every day and considering that most used applications are primarily or solely on these platform is something that users notice before buying a phone. This will leave hardware features aside.

But there are indications that this loop is breaking into small steps. On the one hand we have no more Windows Phone users of Blackberry, this has seen sales in recent fiscal quarters and the side of the developers have to say every day but Windows Phone developers as their next platform (See this Venture article)

Time will tell if Windows Phone managed to break the match with iOS and Android for the supremacy in the mobile equipment industry.

Oz Anguis

2012 Last Thought

The truth of game changer isn’t arriving first in a race, is come, do what you have to do and change the game to your side. After that are you ready to play the game? — Oz Anguis

Why? It’s simple.

Only you have to look a few of the big names of Silicon Valley, for example Google. Google was not the first search engine but they come and change the game to their side and becoming a company that have it’s presence in many aspect of our internet life, for example mail, maps, book, YouTube, you name it and Google will be there.

So after this, which are my plans for 2013? Play the Game.

Layer 8

Everybody with a minimum knowledge of the OSI model knows what we mean when somebody says “That’s a layer 8 problem” but if you don’t understand I will explain to you. The OSI model is the standard in communication systems, it works separating the system in 7 layers, and each layer has a determined function.

Ok, but the OSI model only has 7 layers then, what is the layer 8? Well layer 8 is the user. The user is the person who uses the application, (layer 7), and is who generate the 85% of the work of a technical support. And hopefully most of the layer 8 problems can be solved restarting the PC or in fact connecting the PC. What about of the other 15%? That 15% are generated of acknowledge or the inexperience using x application. When you have a department of users with the basic knowledge of using a PC and the application you have a more efficient department and can concentrate in other things of your work or make time for another activity.

Remember something, the layers 8 can destroy your patience but your boss pay you for that.

Oz Anguis

Days after BAM Fx

These last days have been a test of how much i keep been realist of what’s going on. Because people usually after appear one time in the medias believe that it’s the last soda of the desert, and don’t keep up with the work after the 10 minutes of fame or believe that it’s greater than the team, but this only bring one result the disband of the team and the death of the project. So my advice is:

“As entrepreneurs, we must continue to ask ourselves ‘What’s next?’ It takes humility to realize that we don’t know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing.” – Cher Wang.

Oz Anguis